13090101_1589502804695699_130095610_nNidaa Badwan (Abu Dhabi, 17 April 1987) is an artist and photographer born in UAE with Palestinian citizenship.


Nidaa Badwan is known for her artistic and peaceful protest about the condition of her people and for international exhibitions with “100 Days of Solitude” project, composed with photographic self-portraits that from November 13, 2013,  for twenty months, show herself in her room during the self-imposed exile to protest the Hamas-Fatah conflict that rages for years in Palestine and in the Gaza Strip, and about threats received by Hamas [1].

Her story was reported in an interview with the New York Times [2], in front page, it was made known internationally, cited by many other newspapers (in Italy by Avvenire [3], Corriere della Sera [4] and others). Even some television companies have proposed her history, as ZDF [5], France24 [6] and SKY Art.


After years in Palestine she moved to the Republic of San Marino, where she also work as university professor at the University of Design of the Republic of San Marino [7].

Now the artist lives in Italy.

Her exhibitions have toured the world: Jerusalem, Montecatini Terme (Italy), Monte Grimano Terme (Italy), San Marino (San Marino), Kolding (Denmark), Berlin (Germany), New York and Miami (USA), Dubai (UAE) for the “The 2016 Middle East & North Africa Sovereign Art Prize Finalists” [8] and in many other Italian cities (like Ravenna and Forte dei Marmi).

The November 20, 2016 was among the guests of the event “War Memories – Remembering Maria Grazia Cutuli”, host by Corriere della Sera [24], interviewed by Davide Frattini.

November 27, she proposed a new work, a painting commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of San Marino on the theme of freedom, precisely in the small Republic.

The March 1, 2017 has been a speaker at the UNESCO conference “Cultural heritage and identity: an arab youth perspective”, held in Carthage (Tunisia).







*(soon detailed biography in english)







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