My new project: WHAT ANGEL ARE YOU?

An ancient tradition of the fifth century, but probably deriving from the time of the ancient Egyptians, tells us of the organization of the angelic hosts.
To each 5 degrees of the zodiac corresponds an angelic entity with characteristics that will affect the persons protected by it.
This means that approximately every 5 days of the year correspond to a different angel, or archangel, or seraph, etc.
The talents given as a gift to the protected, however, must be used, otherwise they will turn into their polar opposite and the success that could have derived from their fulfillment use will turn into a series of problems.
The incredible precision in the description of the characteristics and  seeing that almost all the people found themself in the descriptions, in the merits and in the defects, pushed me to deepen my interest in this domain.
My new project will link this ancient knowledge to people and stories that are very important to me.

* in Italian you can find an excellent book on this topic, written by the philosopher Igor Sibaldi, entitled “Book of Angels”.

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