My name is Nedaa Badwan. I’m a fine artist and photographer living in Gaza.
Because it’s the only way I could create art in my city, “isolation” has become part of my identity once I found my way into it on November 19, 2013. My exhibit, 100 Days of Solitude, is the fruit of a personal experience; the moment I started to feel that my simplest rights were snatched away from me in Gaza, the besieged city I live in, I decided to abandon the world to create my own.
Isolation gave me the ability to create a new language, every item in my room could tell a different story; the ladder, the clothes, and even the bed! I could change their colors, omit or add new items. I waited relentlessly every single day to catch the perfect moment so that I could depict new photos using the sunlight, photos that can be felt rather than seen.All an artist needs is enough space to come create real art. This, in particular, was the reason why I hardly left my 3×3 meter room for more than a year. I created a new “city”, a refuge I sought when I felt alienated in my own city.I’m now trying to have my own studio. What I currently need is a suitable place to work in, in addition to a 70d camera, a tripod, lens filters, lenses, light-boxes, soft-boxes and three printers of different sizes.

Exhibition Dates

  • KOLDING (DENMARK) – Trapholt Museum
    “When the things fall apart” – 11/02/2016 – 23/10/2016
  • NEW YORK (U.S.A.) – Postmaster Gallery
    “100 Days of Solitude”  10/09/2016 – 15/10/2016
  • SAN MARINO (SAN MARINO) – “SoundArt” – 30/09/2016 – Charity Event For the first time ever, it will be offered a small preview about my new project dedicated to Autism  – Serata di Beneficienza
    Per la prima volta in assoluto, sarà proposta una piccola anteprima riguardante il mio nuovo progetto dedicato all’Autismo.
      – INFO:


  • DUBAI (UAE) – Al Serkal Avenue
    “The Sovereign Middle East and North Africa Art Prize Finalist’s Exhibition”  13/10/2016 – 17/10/2016




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International Newspapers




  • West Bank [Palestine]January 2015 / Juin 2015
  • Montecatini Terme [Italy] – “Mo.Ca. Museum” – September 2015 / March 2016
  • Montegrimano Terme [Italy] – “Old City Tower” – September 2015 / October 2015
  • San Marino [San Marino Republic] – “Graziani Palace” – November 2015 / January 2016
  • Kolding [Denmark] – “Trapholt Museum” – February 2016 / October 2016
  • Berlin [Germany] –  “SAVVY Contemporary” – March 2016 / May 2016
  • Couthures-sur-Garonne [France] – “Les Ateliers de Couthures –
    Festival International du Journalism Vivant”  29-31/07/2016


  • “I Nuovi Sovversivi” – Lugo di Romagna [Italy] – September 2015


  • September 2015
    Premio ``Borgo delle Libere Arti`` - ``Village of the Liberal Arts`` Award - 1st Edition
    Award given to artists who have difficulties of expression in their own land.
    Monte Grimano Terme (PU) - ITALY
    September 2015
  • September 2015
    Premio ``Armonia tra i Popoli`` - ``Harmony among Peoples`` Award - 10th Edition
    10th Edition - The festival was born in 2006 from an idea of the City of Monsummano Terme together with the Association Dancelab Harmony and since 2007 has involved a number of municipalities of the province of Pistoia, various cultural associations, as well as many young people from Israel, Palestine, France, Cameroon, Latin America and eastern Europe.